Saturday, November 15, 2008


Have you all decided whether you will have your infants immunized? If so, are you going to follow all of the recommendations for immunization prior to 1 years of age? I still am confused about this decision. One of our friends recommended that we wait until our child is 1 years old, but an article in Parenting sounded like there was no need to worry about waiting. What do you all think?


Have any of you been to any workshops yet - either for this pregnancy or a previous one? My husband and I went to Memorial Hospital's "Taking Care of You" workshop this past week. The nurse talked to the participants about what happens during your stay and the hospital and what you can expect to happen to your body after birth and 6 weeks afterwards. Some of the information freaked me out because it made everything so real. At the end of the workshop, the nurse gave everyone a tour of the maternity suites. By that time my emotions had calmed down. :)

We have registered for two other workshops: "Breastfeeding" and "Baby User's Manual." Others have recommended Lamaze as well. I probably will end up taking that workshop as well.

Online Resources

What kind of online resources have you found most helpful? I found the to have lots of great information. Have any of you gone to this site?