Saturday, November 15, 2008


Have any of you been to any workshops yet - either for this pregnancy or a previous one? My husband and I went to Memorial Hospital's "Taking Care of You" workshop this past week. The nurse talked to the participants about what happens during your stay and the hospital and what you can expect to happen to your body after birth and 6 weeks afterwards. Some of the information freaked me out because it made everything so real. At the end of the workshop, the nurse gave everyone a tour of the maternity suites. By that time my emotions had calmed down. :)

We have registered for two other workshops: "Breastfeeding" and "Baby User's Manual." Others have recommended Lamaze as well. I probably will end up taking that workshop as well.


Kara McElwrath said...

When I was pregnant with my son 4 years ago, I went to just about every workshop Memorial offered - and they were all great! My favorites were Briefcases and Babies (to prepare for going back to work), Infant Massage, and Baby Care User Manual. I also did the Lamaze class. Even though I ended up having an epidural and not using any of the Lamaze techniques, it put me more at ease to know that I was at least somewhat prepared. (I had nightmares about giving birth by myself in a car...) I plan to go to as many as I can again, including the one to help my son adjust to becoming a big brother.

I also took advantage of the lactation consultants both while I was in the hospital and afterwards from home. I called them on several occasions while Cam and I got the hang of nursing. And I'm so glad I did because we did eventually figure it out and I was able to nurse exclusively for a year. BTW, despite what I read in books, nursing did not come naturally for me. Maybe I'm just uncoordinated, but I definitely had to practice lots of positions until I found the ones that worked for us.

Mae Marie Noll said...

I think I would go to many workshops too just to be in the company of other expectant moms and sort of as an escape/ change of scenery that is purposeful, but also remember that you aren't going to do everything perfectly. Some parts of the experience will come naturally to you and others won't. Different girls, different gifts. Think often of your assets/strengths and just do your best with the rest.

Kandice said...

Mae and Kara - thanks for all the great tips. I went to the Breastfeeding class last night. It was very interesting to say the least. I feel a lot less worried about it now. I know that I will probably still have lots of questions when that time comes, but my fears about how painful breastfeeding might be. The instructor used a dancing metaphor for breastfeeding. She said that the two dancing partners have to learn to dance together. It takes approximately 2 weeks to learn that dance. The mother of course is the teacher and must lead the baby through the dance. I really liked this metaphor because it helped me understand that the baby will need guidance from me to learn how to feed. Does anyone have any other tips about breastfeeding?

Karina said...

I would definitely recommend Lamaze. Although I didn't use any of what I have learned during my labor (since the experience was so intense, my mind wasn't thinking very well :) it gives you a good idea of how to aleviate your discomfort. I also took a CPR class - I think that is very important! About breastfeeding: my best advice is to stick with it. My lactation consultant told me to throw away the books that say it is easy :) But it does get so much better!!!! And use the help of lactation consultants as much as you need: that's what they are there for.

Kelli Wilcockson said...

I did not go to any workshops. I learned the most just from asking people who have kids already. They all told me you will know what to do when it comes, and that is so true. Instincts?? I guess?? Also, compairing breast feeding to a dance is a good metaphor, but while you are teaching the baby, the baby is also teaching you. You learn it together.

Kelli Wilcockson said...

oh, also...a tip...RELAX! If you are tense, it will make the baby tense.

Kara McElwrath said...

Breastfeeding info -

I borrowed a pump with my first son (even though you're not supposed to - I just bought new plastic pieces and tubing), so I've been checking into my options as I hope to breastfeed this baby, too. In hindsight, I should have bought my own as I'd certainly have gotten my money's worth. I went back to work after 6 weeks, and pumped every 3 hours around the clock for the next year.

You can rent a pump from Memorial for $50/month. The Parkway Pointe Walgreens (right off Veterans) rents them for $45/month. These are great options if you only plan to pump for a couple months. But not cost efficient if you'll pump for several months and/or plan to have more children. My sister rented one with her first child and was glad she did. Breastfeeding just didn't work out for them and she was grateful not to have invested all the money in a pump.

If you plan to buy a pump, Memorial sells the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Shoulder Bag for $249. This is about $30-40 cheaper than most stores sell it.

I highly recommend the Medela brand - their products are fantastic and durable. The shoulder bag is nice for when you go back to work. It holds everything you need (including an insulated pouch for keeping the milk cold) and looks like any other black bag you might carry. For those of us who work in a department with almost all men, it's nice to not have to explain what's in the bag! At my last job (which was also a dept of almost all men), someone used my breast milk for his coffee - so I'd definitely recommend storing your milk in a container clearly marked with your name!